I could fill this page full of everything about me; after all it is an about me section.  That seems so typical; but that’s what you’re going to get 🙂

At 26 I still haven’t figured this life thing out.  I never once wished to be an adult, to grow up and have responsibilities, to have nobody but myself to count on; but it’s the inevitable truth of us all whether we choose to accept it or not.

I’ve managed to make it this far with out fully unraveling; I’ve even kept 3 kids alive for the adventures along the way.  They sure are fun; although sometimes it’s more like we are siblings than we are mother and children.  At the end of the day whatever you want to call our relationship it is filled with love.

We have our puppy Moose; he’s a monster.  Always destroying everything.  He eats pillows, blankets, and socks; however he is nice enough to give it back after it’s been digested.

And most importantly I cherish every memory I make with my special person.  He’s my rock, my world, my life; we make it through all of life’s ups and downs and even the middles that don’t stand out.

Hayley Jackson
Hi I’m Hayley