Twisted Topics

Over the weekend while driving about our phones went off informing us of an amber alert.

An 8 year old was missing – taken at the hands of his father who was believed to be under the influence of methamphetamine and armed with a machete.

Eventually the boy was found in a nearby township safely and the father was taken into custody.  Now as this story unfolded it was found out that the individual in question not only took his son, but before doing so threatened the boys mother with a knife, and a week prior was also violent in nature.

Here’s the worst part.  Rather than calling in tips for the boy’s whereabouts the people of my state called to make complaints about receiving the automatic alert on their phones.


Now the second a criminal goes missing there are people on the look out for them, Facebook posts being shared, tweets everywhere, snapchats with crazy filters.  But yall want to get mad about an amber alert, why because it interrupted your god-forsaken playlist that can be started at anytime.

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