Are You Reading This?

Is Anybody Out There?

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Think back to when you were in school (that is if you aren’t anymore) and all the different social groups that exist, the people that sit over in the corner lunch tables with their heads hung, compared to those who take their lunches to the band rooms, or the few who hang out by themselves; where do we all belong?

I myself never felt I belonged to one specific social group, which is why I don’t think that this blog should be limited to one group of individuals.

As we grow up and go through school we are constantly bombarded with questions about what we are going to do, how are we going to do it, and who we are going to do it with; and guess what…


Or maybe somebody has a clue; I don’t know.

Either way this blog is for you, this blog is for me.  This blog is for everybody in-between.

For The boys – For The Girls – For The Fishies In The Deep Blue Sea.  This Blog Is For You And Me.


By the way – this is how ridiculous how I felt after writing that, but I was so excited about my clever combination of words even I smiled at myself.

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